How To Order Images

Please provide the source information and/or the citation for the images, (as found below), when ordering images or asking for information about an image.

The images on this site are of suitable quality for downloading and printing free of charge. Please cite the images if using elsewhere so that others will know where the original photographs came from. A standard citation contains the image accession number, the title of the image, the date, and the Archives that holds the original:

eg. 93.049P/850, [A class in penmanship, Red Deer Institute], [1914 or 1919]; United Church of Canada Archives, Toronto.

*The square brackets in the above example are sometimes used in archival descriptions; when you see square brackets this means that there was no information written on the image and that information is supplied by the archives and based on supporting documents.

If you require a high resolution copy for publication or display, please contact the archives for fees and information on HOW TO ORDER.